It is our mission to care about the hearts of people. What if there was a way to get free from your emotional pain and find freedom from your relational problems and spiritual issues? What if there was a way to get back what you feel you may have lost or perhaps never had? Great news! There is hope for restoration, and healing and this is what we are all about! We start by genuinely caring about each person. We want to know your story and the circumstances or problems you are experiencing today. We believe Jesus cares about your pain and your situation and he wants to heal your heart. The Bible tells us in Luke 19:10 that Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. What has been destroyed, lost, or missing in your story? Would you consider trusting us to care about you? 

We invite Jesus into our counseling process through prayer and depend upon the leading of the Holy Spirit. This means we rely confidently upon the insight of God’s Word, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and the influence of His Grace to bring healing and restoration. We apply Biblical principles and other resources to identify heart issues and resolve problems. We desire to lead you to freedom so you can experience God’s purpose, fulfillment, joy and peace in a relationship with Him and others.


“I came to the sessions not sure what to expect. Meeting with Jon was exactly what I needed in my life. I was hurt, scared, depressed and angry and he found the reasons for all of my issues…I have already noticed a change in me and so has my wife.  I look forward to my new life in Christ.”

“The counseling I received from CFTHW is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I had dealt with issues of depression, anxiety, self-worth and loss for years and had been to countless counseling sessions.  CFTHW was different. We dug deep into every aspect of my life, even going back to my earliest recollection of childhood, and what may have started to form my why and who I am today. During all of this, we prayed a lot and dove into scripture, which reminded me of all of God’s promises I needed to claim for my life and healing.  The scripture and prayers that Jon led me through in the CFTHW counseling lit a new fire in my soul to cling to Jesus and reminded me He has always been by my side even when I could not feel it. I was able to find blessings in my broken pieces, and I now try every day to put more of my focus on Jesus looking ahead, instead of focusing on my hurts thus looking in the rear view mirror.”


We are committed to assist individuals, couples and families find freedom from three main areas:

  • Emotional issues – stemming from damage through emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual abuse. (Luke 4:18).
  • Spiritual problems – unresolved bitterness, pride, rebellion, temporal values, hypocrisy, or moral failure.
  • Spiritual strongholds – stemming from giving ground to the enemy (satanic forces) through specific activities that allow the enemy to influence people. These may include, but are not limited to, involvement in the occult, rebellion, drugs, etc. (Ephesians 4:27, I Samuel 15:23).

We depend upon the Holy Spirit to lead us in assisting you to resolve each problem. The Holy Spirit must direct, convict, and enable you in this process. We apply Biblical principles in leading you to find freedom from each problem. We do not judge you for where you are or have been, but seek to lead you to freedom. This freedom will result in experiencing God’s purpose, fulfillment, joy, and peace in a relationship with Him and others. (Galasians 5:1, John 10:10)

Jesus focused on the heart to resolve spiritual and emotional issues.  Like Him, we must also accept, understand, and care for the needs of the heart.  Freedom can only come as issues are dealt with at the heart level.